Sponsored Entities

At this time the Society is sponsoring three other entities. As we are a 501(c)3 organization supporting the expansion of historical endeavors, these entities are considered an important part of our work. Please click on the links for each organization that describe more of their activities.

Globe/Miami Centennial Band, originally created for Arizona's Centennial in 2012.  The society began support of this organization in 2012 and often plays at our events, as well as others throughout the year.  The band is under the direction of Mr. Nolan Frost, who is also the director of bands at the Miami Unified School District #40. Practices are every Thursday night at 7:00 P.M. at Miami High School. Anyone who wishes to be a part of the band may simply show up at a rehearsal, and we can find something for you to do! 

Pleasant Valley Cemetery Historical Society, Young AZThe Gila County Historical Society began support of this entity in 2010. Young, Arizona is located in the northern part of Gila County and has many historical ties to the Globe-Miami area.   Especially important is the cemetery which contains the graves of many of  the individuals who played important roles in the history of that area.

Old Dominion Historic Mine Park, Globe AZ. The Gila County Historical Society has sponsored the Old Dominion Historic Mine Park Committee since 2009 and acts as the fiscal agent for the park. It is a widely used local resource for gathering and recreation, educates about the history of the site and mining in general, demonstrates sustainable mining development and site reclamation, and also serves to bring tourists to the area.